Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

What is Emotional Wellbeing?

Emotional Wellbeing is being aware of and understanding your emotions. It is a positive state of wellbeing and functioning (including behaviour, emotion, social skills and overall mental health) which allows you to be an active part of society and meet the demands of everyday life.

As well as being aware of and identifying emotions, emotional wellbeing is how we think about those emotions and act on them. There is also a strong link between emotional wellbeing and physical health.

Why is Emotional Wellbeing important?

Being aware of your emotional wellbeing is important as this can help you to know when to seek help if there is a change which will help to prevent it from getting worse. Good emotional wellbeing can also help to create better abilities for coping and increase self-esteem and productivity.

Lack of emotional wellbeing can not only lead to poor mental health, it can also lead poor physical health and be a risk factor for such things as chronic disease.

What is available to me locally?

If you have concerns that your lifestyle may be effecting your mental wellbeing, or if you feel you generally need support in improving your overall health then a Wellness Coach can support you one to one to identify areas for change. A Wellness Coach can also connect you with various local activities and services that may be of interest to you and help you improve your emotional wellbeing, such as local exercise activities, social and support groups, adult learning and much more.

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