Incredible Years

Have you got a few spare hours a week to support a local family in your community with tried and tested techniques that will make a huge difference?
You will be trained to respond to challenging behaviours & give back control to parents whilst helping them to build stronger and more trusting family relationships!

We are looking for committed and inspiring volunteers from various backgrounds who are looking to enhance their skill set and work with small groups or individuals to deliver up to 2 hours training a week during the course.

The Incredible Years Series include separate training programs, intervention manuals and DVDs for use by trained therapists, teachers and group leaders to promote children’s social competence, emotional regulation and problem-solving skills and reduce their behaviour problems.

The objectives of these interventions are to help parents and teachers provide young children (5-12 years) with a strong emotional, social and academic foundation so as to achieve the longer-term goal of reducing the development of depression, school dropout, violence, drug abuse and delinquency in later years.

The ultimate objective is to enhance children’s ability to become socially and emotionally competent individuals who succeed in school.

For more info please visit:

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Deadline to register interest is Friday 7th Feb, 2020
Please email from the Early Help Team, or our Cohesion Manager with a brief descrip-tion of why this opportunity interests you as well as a bit about yourself.

We do not require any formal qualifications but you will need a willingness to learn and to be able to commit to 3 day course.

The course is 3 full days 9.00am – 4.30pm on the 7th, 14th, 21st March. You will need to be able to attend all three dates. We then ask that you deliver 1, 10 week course per year which will be about 30 hours of your time per year.




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