LGM in the park

LGM in the park

A walk in the park?

During this glorious weather we have been making the most of some of the wonderful community spaces we are lucky to have in Peterborough.  Sometimes you need to get outside in the fresh air, which is why Healthy Peterborough were very keen to introduce walking groups.

Living Streets is a national charity that want to reverse the decline in walking. By making streets fitter for walking and encouraging more people on their feet to create a walking nation. They work with government to make change happen and work on the ground to get communities walking.

Living Streets celebrated their 90th birthday this year and designated May as National Walking Month, so what better time to get people signed up for a stroll in the great outdoors.


LGM walking group with Dani

Dani grasped the bit and set up a mixed ability walking group that meets every Tuesday afternoon at Ferry Meadows. A quick 10 minute warm up and then the pace picks up with an alternate of 1 minute fast, 1 minute normal pace, really getting the heart going and blood pumping and as it is mixed ability everyone walks at the normal pace that works for them. The routes sometimes alternate but on average the group walks about 3 miles in an hour, which gives you a lovely sense of achievement on a Tuesday afternoon.


LGM in the park with Shakila

To build on the success of Dani’s walking group and introduce it to a different audience Shakila started her first walking group #LGMinthepark, the idea was to not only have a lovely walk around the park supported by other walkers but also to make use of the outdoor gym equipment, which has been introduced to so many public spaces in Peterborough.


The use of the outdoor equipment enables participants to get a workout designed to develop and improve body fitness, strength, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility.  Again the groups are mixed ability and people work at their own pace with guidance from Shakila


Once the workout is complete it’s time for a brisk walk around the park, which with up to 30 participants must look odd at times!


The feedback we have received from our walkers has been wonderful and the groups keep growing.



What could walking do for you?

There are a number of proven health benefits to regular walking including:

  •           Weight loss
  •          Improved blood pressure
  •          Reduce cholesterol
  •          Better mental health

As such our walkers have a pre-assessment and post-assessment to monitor any improvements in health and also gives them a sense of achievement.


If you are interested in joining in our walking groups are a rolling 8 week course and if you miss a session you can make it up the following week. There are a number of groups available on different days at different times and 1 ladies only group.


If you would like to sign up why not gives us a call on 01733 894 540 or alternatively use our contact form here





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