Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention


Falls Prevention
The aim of the Healthy Peterborough Falls Prevention Service is to help reduce falls and falls related injuries in the city. We work on a 1:1 basis with clients 50+ to help them identify risks and hazards as well as providing evidence-based home strength and balance exercise programmes to help them feel steadier. 

During the last year we have also delivered 15 Falls Prevention awareness talks to various community groups across the city. These groups have included Age UK friendship clubs, women’s institutes and dementia cafes.


Healthy Peterborough Falls Prevention Wellness Coaches are part of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Falls Prevention Services.  We work with the NHS to support older people to maintain a high quality of life, remaining active and independent and enabling you to continue doing the things you want to.


We offer:  

  • Falls Multi Factor Risk Assessments at community venues and GP surgeries
  • Falls Action Plans to help reduce risk of future falls
  • Personalised evidence-based home Strength and Balance programmes
  • 26 weeks of 1:1 support
  • Signposting to other services and community exercise classes.

You can contact us on the number below or  complete a self referral here

You can ask your GP or Health Care Professional to refer you on your behalf.

Our team can also come along to any local community groups or services who come into contact with Peterborough residents aged 65+ to discuss preventing falls.


Phone: 01733  590064/0800 376 56 55

(Mon-Fri 9am–5pm) Voicemail is in operation outside of these times.

Email: healthy.peterborough@nhs.net


How does the Falls Prevention Service work?

Why and how did the client come into the service?                                            

James self-referred into the Falls prevention service after hearing about the service through the Peterborough Dementia Resource Centre. James had been feeling unsteady and had suffered a fall in the last year. James enjoyed taking long walks in and around the city but had to stop these due to unsteadiness, he had also developed a fear of falling and was worried about the impact of falls in the future.

How did the service work?

Following the self-referral, a multi factorial risk assessment was arranged to find out if James was at risk of having future falls.

During his falls assessment it was identified that James showed signs of functional decline meaning he had lost muscle strength and balance. James was also concerned regarding the safety of his bathroom and was interested in having a grab rail fitted in his shower to help with this.

After the assessment was complete James agreed to take part in a home-based strength and balance exercise programme. It was also agreed that James would self-refer into Peterborough City Councils care and repair service regarding having the shower grab rail fitted.


Benefits of the service:

James has now been participating in the home-based strength and balance programme for 6 months and has experienced great benefits from participating in the programme. James describes his balance as being 100% better and has now began walking long distances again. James is now walking to his local supermarket which he could not do before the start of the programme due to the length of the journey. James can now also change lightbulbs and reach the electricity box in his home both of which he struggled with before the programme. James has also noticed improvement in the strength in his legs. He feels he can bend down to the ground easier whilst gardening as well as feeling more comfortable going down his garden steps.  James has not suffered any more falls since the programme began.


Plans for the Future:

James wishes to continue participating in the home strength and balance programme for the foreseeable future and wishes to try different types of exercise. James would encourage other older people with concerns about their balance to give the programme a go.”

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