Healthy Peterborough: Volunteer Testimonial

Healthy Peterborough: Volunteer Testimonial

Volunteer Testimony 


“I have worked for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence for the last ten years and during that time I have assisted in churning out guidelines which I hoped would promote good health and prevent ill health, but I never really thought about how they were put in to practice.  Volunteering over the past six months at Solutions4Health has shown me how these guidelines actually do get used for the good of the public and that when they are in the hand of capable, determined and talented individuals, such as those I have come across during my time at S4H, they can make a real difference to communities and patients.


While at S4H I shadowed the Falls team and the Weight Management team and watched as NICE guidelines were implemented, by practitioners who seemed to have a genuine care for the patient.  I saw the impact those appointments had on each individual as they were enabled with life skills that will improve their health and wellbeing.  It was also a privilege to be within the office environment and see the hard work that goes into ensuring that the people of Peterborough’s health is constantly being improved.


My main project while with S4H was to analyse data from school smoking survey’s that I am hoping to help publish a paper on in the future.  A huge amount of data has been collected and will soon be evaluated in order for us to understand smoking prevalence within this specific age group and also to understand a little bit more about how we can most successfully deliver the message around the dangers of tobacco and smoking.


I am very grateful to Abid and his team for allowing me to spend time with them and I hope that while I was developing my learning and understanding I have also been helping them in some way.  It would be a great honour if I could join the team again one day and be a part of the extraordinary work that they do and the results that they achieve.”


Victoria Axe- Community Health Champion

27th February 2019


If you are interested in volunteering with Healthy Peterborough complete the contact form here

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