What actually are units of alcohol?

What actually are units of alcohol?

Both men and women are now advised to consume no more than 14 units per week of alcohol, how much exactly is that!

The measure of a unit can be complicated to calculate as one unit is 10ml of pure alcohol, but using standard measurements can vary from location to location. For example, wine by the glass sold in pubs and restaurants are standard sizes (175ml for a medium glass) however wine consumed in the home is usually not so carefully measured and a large glass at home (250ml plus) can be upwards of 3.5 units instead of 1.9 for 175ml.

14 units spread out across a week is in the region of 6 glass of wine (175ml), 6 pints of lager or ale, 5 pints of cider or 14 single measures of spirits.

If you would like more information on units and what the recommended safe levels of drinking are, contact our Wellness Coaches on 0800 376 5655 .

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