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Healthy Peterborough is a service commissioned by Peterborough City Council provided by Solutions4Health. The aim of the service is to bring together traditional lifestyle services into one place, so that Peterborough residents can have easy access to the support and information that they want. Solutions4Health are an innovative digital healthcare company, specialising in working with communities from across the country.

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April Walthorp

My advisor firstly told me how much smoking cost, I was shocked! I set my goal which was to take my son to the seaside with the money I’d save in a year of being smoke free. We are now off to Cornwall in 4 weeks time!

Ahmed Ali

Having been a smoker for many years and having tried several times, I was sceptical. However the support I was given made me achieve my goal, I am now smokefree!    

Duncan Henderson

Having tried to quit on 2 occasions, I failed miserably.  Whilst on the wellness on wheels bus I took part in a CO test and then I was even more determined to quit. I have now gone over 12 weeks smoke free. The service that is provided is second to none, I would highly recommend!